Cosmic Convoy Online Slot Rating and Review

Cosmic Convoy Online Slot Rating and Review

Because of a flood of recently released Slot Games that have piqued the interest of slot game enthusiasts, High 5 Games is gradually making its way into the mainstream. One of them is called Cosmic Convoy, and it is a slot machine set in space that has the potential to award prizes in the area of 3,000 times your initial wager.

The high volatility slot game known as Cosmic Convoy has a Cluster Pays format. It has a space theme, as the name unmistakably implies, and the reels are filled with a variety of charming extraterrestrial species and spacecraft from outer space. The additional features are a delightful touch that makes things even better, and the big monetary awards that can be won with any combination of these colorful creatures are just the icing on the cake.

It is not out of the ordinary for a Cluster Pays slot machine to have a return to player percentage of 95.9 percent, yet High 5 Games has set the slot’s volatility to high. If you pop the largest clusters and combine that with the extra features, you have the potential to win a cash jackpot that is 2,963 times your original wager. This is a fairly high payout for a slot machine with a space theme.

Playing the Online Slot Machine Cosmic Convoy

The Cosmic Convoy slot machine is not your average one. The action takes place on a grid that is 10 by 10, and there are initially 100 symbols filling up the screen. The reels of this slot game are inhabited by a variety of brightly colored extraterrestrial creatures, as well as planets and other cosmic objects. At first look, the slot seems to have a cartoonish aesthetic, but upon closer inspection, the images are really precise and clear.

The reels are presented against a backdrop of the vastness of space, with a few planets visible in the distance. There is an occasional appearance of a flying automobile, as well as a massive sign for a space diner. The calm atmosphere is supplemented by an exciting music, which is able to really get going as you tally up significant victories. Naturally, the slot machine’s sound effects are top-notch as well, exactly as we would anticipate from a game developed by Hi 5 Games.

In order to get started playing, you will first need to decide how much money you want to wager. You have the option of spending as little as 0.10 or as much as the staggering 300.00 each spin. When you press the Spin button, all of the symbols that are now on the reels will vanish, and new symbols will take their place. Any winning combination on a Cluster Pays slot machine will, as is customary, trigger a cascade that will continue for as long as there are symbols that may pay out in the game.

After each successful spin, the winning combination will become immovable and remain in place. On the subsequent spin, the amount of the win will be increased by the number of matching symbols that contributed to it. This will keep happening so long as there are symbols that continue to contribute to it.

When an alien spacecraft or popping star appears in close proximity to a winning combination, it will morph into the same kind of symbol and add itself to the winning combination. In the event that they occur in winning combinations with two or more other sorts of symbols, they will convert into one of eight different pre-determined symbols. A transformable alien spacecraft is included in the package that has a multiplier.

If you choose to activate the Magnet feature while playing the basic game, all symbols that appear on the screen and have a winning combination that they match but are not a part of will be pulled to the winning combination.

Racking Up Riches is the name of the last feature found in the main game. During this feature, new symbols will emerge in vacant symbol locations until there are no more winning combinations that can be produced.

Bonus Functions and Free Spins Are Available in Cosmic Convoy

You will get five free games if you gather three popping stars during the bonus round. At the beginning of each of the free spins, groups of 5, 6, or 9 adjacent symbols that match a group of randomly picked symbols are put in random locations on the reels. These groups of matching symbols might appear anywhere on the reels. This results in improved chances of winning, and it puts you that much closer to the maximum amount of winning that is possible.

Win Potential, Volatility, and Return to Player Rate on the Cosmic Convoy Slot

The return to player percentage (RTP) for the Cosmic Convoy slot machine is set at 95.9 percent, which is a little lower than what is often seen for a highly volatile slot machine. Having said that, it is typical for a slot machine with Cluster Pays. You have the potential to earn up to 2,963 times the amount of your initial wager if you are fortunate enough to activate the appropriate bonus features.

A Brief Overview of the Cosmic Convoy Slot, in Comparison to Other Slots

The Cosmic Convoy online slot game that was developed by High 5 Games is quite well done. This is a Cluster Pays slot machine, and both the regular game and the bonus round provide a plethora of exciting features. The unconventional 10×10 grid conceals a large number of possible winnings, and the beautiful creatures make the game a pleasure to look at.

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